Packaging and Print Collateral

Why your business needs Packaging and Print collateral

COllateral Is a sales tool

Collateral materials provide salespeople with the tools they need to be successful in sales meetings. They also give them the tools they need to schedule meetings and follow up. The most effective collateral establishes a bond between the buyer and the seller. It conveys superiority and distinguishes itself from the competition. It allows businesses to stand out from the crowd.

Collateral is a sales tool
tangible brand association

tangible brand association

Marketing material is a tangible item that your present and potential consumers can keep, even if it only sits on their desk for a short time. Your brand will come to mind when customers need your product or service, and your contact information will be readily available.

strong call-to-action

Both printed and digital marketing efforts are used in the most effective marketing initiatives. A call-to-action should be included on every assets, from packaging to printed materials. This might be a simple phrase such as ‘Contact us,’ along with a phone number, social network accounts, hashtags, or a QR code that leads to your website.

Numbers Speak

Marketing Collateral Statistics
source: finances online

Over %
of companies use marketing collateral to fortify their brands
of consumers 18-23 say print is easier to read than digital content
of consumers say printed materials help them recall brands better
of consumers say printed flyers inform them of new products