strategic Solutions

EDI Solutions

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) makes exchanging electronic documents from business to business seamless and is a highly efficient way of transferring data. Regardless of the industry, AMS offers EDI solutions that provide an integrated strategy for offering automated processes, enhancing EDI insight into operations, and improving customer experience.


The ultimate goal of any business is to be compelling and persuasive enough that your audience responds and engages with your products or services. Whether your company provides products or services to consumers, businesses, or government bodies, AMS will provide solutions and strategies.

e-commerce Strategies

The way businesses and consumers are buying and selling products/services is evolving to a more digital method. You need the right e-commerce strategy in place to outperform your competition, retain customers, and increase revenue. AMS will assist you in meeting the essential needs of digital customers while also exceeding their expectations in order to keep your ecommerce firm ahead of the market competition.

ERP SOlutions

New ERP systems alone won’t bring about the digital finance transformation many executives seek. ERP implementation can only deliver results if the fundamentals are in place. AMS provides an executable ERP strategy that is guided by our expert software professionals to ensure that your business sees optimal results.

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