Our Values

With great integrity we enthusiastically pursue excellence in everything we do.

Operating as a family, we extend compassion and respect to one another embracing the responsibility to cultivate an environment where each of us, our customers, and our clients can thrive.

As equally valued members of a cohesive team, we encourage growth, innovation, collaboration and efficiency, while humbly celebrating our reputation as a World-class organization.

Our Goals

We take pride in providing the best service to our customers. If your business is struggling to retain customers or gain new ones AMS can help. If you’re a successful business aiming for the top of your market, AMS can help. Whether your website needs a facelift or you’d like to amp your sales through a marketing campaign; If you’ve got ideas for a massive network of edge devices but no technical no-how, AMS can help.

We bring a fresh set of eyes and innovative problem solving to the table, and with a highly professional and experienced team we can find the solutions to your problems quickly and confidently. 

Our Successes

We carry the worries of our clients, our hands on approach tackles every aspect of the projects we accept. With our combined expertise we have improved client sites by modifying protocols to streamline communications and sales. We have consistently satisfied the business needs of our clients, often reaching above and beyond on deliverables and providing recommendations for further improvements.