Robotic Automation

Robotic system design

We create custom, automatic robotic systems from scratch to allow for flexibility to meet the needs of any robotic application. With experience implementing industry standard appliances from Fanuc and Universal Robots, our team can find the perfect solution to your robotic needs. 

Pay as you go

We provide flexible pricing to meet your exact robotic automation needs.

Chip level programming

Our engineering department is experienced in the creation and programming of enterprise level proprietary chipsets, take your project to the lowest level for customization.

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Robotics engineering

Our engineering department can provide consultations and design for high volume production lines with minimal need for human intervention. 

Precision measurement and inspection

Automatically validate the quality of high volume parts and products in your production line. Whether you are confirming tolerances or validating labels AMS can automate any inspection requirements. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Our engineers will work with your company to adapt any existing production to be fully automated. 

AMS provides pay as you go pricing to allow for minimal up front investment.

AMS’s engineers will work alongside you to ensure that machinery stays up and running for however long you need it.